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Business Platinum American Express: Everything before you apply for one

It is better for you in case you: Are a Small businessmen who travel often and with style. 

The American Express Business Platinum® Card is the golden benchmark of premium travel rewards cards for small-enterprises. 

Casual travelers and those who pay nothing may think the $595 annual fee is out of their league, but the adventurous businessmen will be delighted with benefits that can make their travels much more pleasant. If your business ventures often take you away from your home, you’ll find that the Business Platinum Card can rapidly become a travel mate of choice.

The essentials of Business Platinum Card

– APR: This is a charging card, which means that your balance is due in full at the end of your monthly billing cycle. Some purchases may be eligible for the payment feature over time, which presently has an APR of 19.74%.

– Annual fee: $595

– Reward ratios: Get 5x reward points when booking flights through the American Express travel portal or paying for hotel nights in advance. You will receive 1.5x points per dollar on all purchases over $5,000 and 1x points per dollar on all other purchases.

– Presentation Offer: You can earn a total of 75,000 bonus points. After spending $10,000 in the first three months, you will earn 50,000 membership reward points. If you spend an additional $10,000 within the first three months (for a total of $20,000), you will earn 25,000 extra points.

Key Features

– Airfare credit of $200: You can appoint your favorite airline every year and then receive up to $200 as statement credit to cover checked luggage, in-flight food and beverage and other non-ticket related costs as you use your Business Platinum Card.

– Airline Point Bonuses: When using your Membership Rewards points to cover all or part of a commercial or first class ticket on any given airline or any ticket on your nominated airline, you may be awarded 35% of those points back, up to 500,000 points per year.

– American Express Global Lounges: The Business Platinum Card gives you entry to over 1,200 airport lounges around the world, including AmEx’s illustrious AmEx Centurian® lounges.

– TSA Global Entry or Pre-cheque Credit: Once every four years, you will receive a statement credit to pay your TSA Pre-cheque or Global Entry fee after you register. The value of your credit will differ according to the program you enroll for, and you can only use it for one of the two programs, not both.

– Fine Hotels & Resorts: By using your card to make a reservation through Fine Hotels & Resorts you get a free room upgrade (if the hotel has one available), a free breakfast every first thing in the morning for two people, late checkout at 4pm, complimentary Wi-Fi access and a premium $100 gift from the property.

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– Hotel elite status: As a Cardmember Business Platinum member, you’ll have automatic Gold Elite status with Marriott Bonvoy and Gold Status with Hilton Honors, which entitles you to major perks like early check-in, late checkout, complimentary room upgrades and much more from participating properties.

The best method of working with this card

The Business Platinum Card is not for businesses with narrow budgets and low expenditure per month. This card is designed for small businesses that travel regularly and use their credit or debit card to make it happen. While this card offers some great rewards and advantages, you will have to use it to earn them all, beginning with the sign-up bonus. 

With 75,000 membership bonus points, the membership bonus covers some substantial travel expenses – if you can afford to earn it. To view this valuable bonus reward reach your account, you will have to spend $20,000 on your card ($10,000 to earn the first 50,000 points and another $10,000 to earn the additional 25,000 points) within the first three months of membership. This is a very minimal amount to spend to get a signup bonus. Please use this bonus as the standard to decide if Business Platinum is right for your firm. If you have difficulty reaching this limit, you are likely to have difficulty profiting from all other benefits as well.

After you earn the sign-up bonus, you will have to put this travel reward card to proper use at the airport. Begin by choosing your favorite carrier from the list of eligible partners and strive to be as loyal to it as you can. 

You’ll be entitled to the $200 travel fee credit as well as the 35% reward bonus when you book a ticket on your chosen airline. However, do not book your flights directly with the airline. Use the American Express travel portal to reserve your prepaid flights and hotel stays so you can gain 5x points on every dollar spent.

Finally, have fun while traveling. The Business Platinum Card provides you with access to many fancy airport lounges worldwide. Arrive early at the airport, sit back and have a drink while you are waiting for your flight to board. You have been awarded with your Business Platinum Card.

In few words

If you conduct a low-cost business that has you and your team (if you have one) near home, the yearly Business Platinum Card fee is probably high enough to make you laught. You may almost certainly not be capable of using your membership fee to make it worth your while every year. Rather, a cash business card such as Capital One can still compensate you for your expenses with no exorbitant yearly fee. 

The Business Platinum card is for business-people that spend a great deal of time and money commuting to grow their business and take advantage while doing so. Thanks to its premium travel benefits like a TSA pre-cheque or Global Entry credit, airfare credit and access to global lounge, you can travel both efficiently and in style.

If your brand can handle the expenses involved in earning the sign-up bonus while having sufficient cash to fully pay off your balance every month, it’s difficult to go wrong with a card that pays you back, as well as Business Platinum.

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