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Find out why People are Talking about the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

This card may be a good idea for travelers who would like to take advantage of flexible alternatives to redeem their rewards

For the traveler who does not want to be stuck, the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card will be, without a doubt, part of the trip reward card selection. 

Thanks to a very generous introduction bonus, zero international transaction charges and flexible redemption possibilities, this reward card is designed to accompany you all around the world.

The main aspects of Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

  • APR: At the present time, the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card does not have an introduction to the APR. The default APR ranges from 17.24% to 24.49% .
  • Yearly fee: The first year has an entry fee of $0, thereafter $95 per year.
  • Reward rates: Get two miles for each dollar you spend.
  • Introductory offer: Gain 50,000 bonus miles for the starting three months after spending $3,000.

The Venture Card excels at

  • High reward rate: Travelers are rewarded 2x points in their daily expenses.
  • Flexible withdrawal opportunities: There are various methods to redeem your reward score using Capital One Venture Rewards. You can redeem them straight from the Capital One travel hub to use your points in time or you can redeem them from different sites and use the Purchase Eraser® functionality to get a reimbursement on your account balance. As an extra bonus, there are no minimum values necessary to redeem the points and you can transfer them to any travel-related shopping you may be making.
Source: Businessinsider
  • No International Transaction Charges: Normally, credit cards will bill a 3% fee on international transactions. Capital One will not impose a handling fee.
  • Great Introductory Bonus: After you’ ve spent $3,000 for the first three months of possession of the card, you will be granted 50,000 points for free, which is approximately $500 in travel costs.
  • Cash Return at Global Entry or TSA fee Pre✓®: You can receive up to $100 in cash back by using your card to cover the Global Entry or TSA fee Pre✓®.

The optimal method to use Capital One Venture Rewards credit card 

What is so appealing about Capital One Venture Rewards is that it grants travellers the flexibility to earn and spend their points as they think best. Unlike cards that only keep you informed about expense categories, this card rewards you with two points for each dollar spent, which is twice of what you would find on the majority of travel rewards cards. 

The arrangement of your upcoming trip is also facilitated, as the Delete Shopping® feature of the card guarantees that there are no blackout days or limitations on the location to which you can travel to.

Ultimately, you will be able to travel even before you have planned, once you have spent $3,000 in the initial three months of ownership of the card, to be entitled to the 50,000 points entrance bonus, worth up to $500 in travel rewards.

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