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No Yearly Fee and Lots of Rewards? Meet Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card

Chase Freedom was designed specifically for those looking for freedom in the use of their achieved points.

Those who are seeking to take advantage of the Chase credit card, but are unwilling to agree to an annual fee, are in good luck. Chase Freedom Unlimited provides rapid and convenient ways to get a huge chunk of cash back for a flat rate credit card, in the first year in particular. This card also carries the additional zero-rate bonus for the initial 15 months, this includes balance transfers.

Chase Freedom® Unlimited credit card attributes

– APRC: 0% APRC introduction on buying and performing balance transfers for 15 months from the moment the account is opened, then APRC of 17.24% – 25.99%.

– yearly fee: $0

– Reward ratios: Collect 1.5% on all your purchases, with no limit on the number of points you can collect for each year. Chase is always adding forms of spending these points, and they are never going to expire while your account is open.

– Introductory offer: Get 3% cash on every order up to $20,000 the first year and after that, 1.5% on every order.

The features of Freedom Unlimited

– 0% APR for 15 months. Spend it in a conscientious way without any concern for interest for the first 15 months. This is actually useful if you have a huge order that you would like to pay for over time.

– Return of your expenses in cash. The points granted are made available to you after each billing cycle. They are never going to expire and can be used to pay for gift cards for many locations or can be converted to cash credits for your present balance. They can also be directly redeemed with Amazon purchases.

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– Purchase Safety. Buy with the understanding that you are insured for 120 days for both theft and damage. A limited sum of $500 applies to this benefit.

– Extended warranty coverage. With Chase you will have your new purchases protected for a greater period of time. This coverage is fully automatic and does not require any additional payment. Some restrictions apply, but this benefit extends the U.S. manufacturer’s guarantee on most products for up to one year.

The best way to make use of Chase Freedom Unlimited.

During the first 15 months, when the credit card payments are cut, the best idea is to run away from the debts. Doing so, taking benefit of this feature can lead you to raise your credit rank as it is advisable to keep your credit card usage well below 30% of your overall credit limit. 

For the ones currently with no debt at all, a great idea would be to use the term of 15 months without interest to purchase that high value good at last and pay for it in low monthly payments.

This card is outstanding even for those who wish to make free decisions when it comes to spending their earned points. Aside from all this you can still get some good travel deals, as well as some great amazon offers.

The second way to make a lot with Freedom Unlimited is to match it with other Chase cards.  Your points are once again valid if you also have Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Sapphire Reserve.  

In brief, you will discover…

The highly competitive card price and many other benefits make it an appealing offer for those who look to earn points without having to worry about the quarterly categories. 

The capacity to gain 3% on all your purchases during the first year (up to $20,000 in purchases) is an asset that can add up to $600 in cash back in points for the first year of ownership of this card. These points can be used in a variety of ways, giving you the freedom to deal with many different possibilities.

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