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Secure, Agile and Easy: A simple Guide to use Google Pay

Mobile payment systems are a smart solution designed for the future consumer – or at the very least for people who appreciate the safety and benefits of digital wallet systems. Google Pay, for instance, provides users with various benefits when it comes to handing in physical cards.

Do you want to know further about Google Pay? We will examine the use of this payment method, the security guarantees in place to ensure your data and how these are compared with other digital wallets.

More about Google Pay

Previously to its birth, Google Pay’s characteristics and services were widespread throughout the Android Pay system and the Google Wallet app. Google combined these old devices into one single uniform system – Google Pay.

Google Pay gives mobile customers the power to make and track their purchases from their phones and other mobile devices. You can also choose to use Google Pay to send money to friends and save boarding passes in digital file format for both flights or concert tickets.

This payment solution is constructed to accelerate the checkout procedure, regardless of whether you are utilizing it to pay for merchandise or other services at a physical store or online.

While even less popular than its counterparts, Apple Pay, Google Pay has a range of built-in features, which makes it a useful option at checkout, no matter whether you’re sharing a tab at diner or paying for goods or services at a store.

How reliable is Google Pay?

Google Pay is highly guaranteed to be safe to use. It is much more secure when it compares to using your regular physical cards, which are vulnerable to scams that can take place if your credit card information is stolen.

Google Pay uses state-of-the-art encryption to keep your payment data, which is stored on a secure Google network. In conjunction with cryptography, the application builds a virtual user account number, a temporary surname type, each time you add a card. When you perform payments, this pseudonym is passed on rather than your actual account numbers.

To track your online account number, simply follow the instructions below:

1. Initiate Google Pay.

2. Click on “Payment”.

3. Choose an available card.

4. Scroll down to search for the final four digits of your virtual bank account number. If you are unable to see one, this means you still need a credit card to register for store-based payments.

Using Google Pay

Just know that before adding a card to Google Pay, you’ll likely want to set a display lock on your phone. If you deactivate your screen lock, the Application will then automatically delete your virtual account number from your phone.

Source: Bambora

For most of the payments, you’ll be prompted to unlock your phone to complete the payments. That being said, there are some minor payments that you don’t need to unlock your phone to pay, usually for orders of $30 or less.

You will need to set up the payment system on your phone before starting to use Google Pay. However, fortunately, this process only takes a few minutes. Simply download the Google Pay App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store if you own an iOS device.

After the download is finished, just launch the app. You will be requested to use your camera so you can now scan your debit or credit card details. After digitizing your card or cards, they will be billed and ready for use.

Once these procedures are finished, you will be able to use Google Pay in physical stores that can carry mobile payments. You might have to turn on your phone’s NFC settings first before you can finish processing payments.

NFC signifies “Near Field Communication”, and most phones have this setting on automatically.

You can ask your dealer or cashier to find out for certain if they support Google Pay. Then just ring and pay using the device of the specified payment terminal. To buy the products in applications and websites, look for the Google Pay symbol. You can use Google Pay to buy any Google product online as well.

Comparing Google Pay to other mobile wallets

Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are the three most prevalent mobile wallets presently available to consumers. But many other popular mobile payment systems have included MasterCard PayPass, PayPal and Visa Checkout.

Google Pay is very close to other online payment systems and provides the same basic functionalities. All three schemes permit payments with no need for photo ID as the verification procedure takes place on the actual device.

The Pay implementation requires users to authentify purchases with a PIN, Touch ID or Face ID. Samsung Pay users are obligated to use either a PIN, a digital fingerprint or an iris scan to check their purchases.

And with Google Pay, the device has to be unlocked for verification of a purchase. Because of this, Google Pay users should use secure means to secure their phone device such as a number, PIN, default, password or fingerprint scanner.

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