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Tired of your Credit Card Fees? Citi Double Cash might be Ideal for you

Ideal to:

people looking for flexibility with a rewards card with a nice cashback system with no category limitations

For those unwilling to the constraints of specific spending types to earn cash rewards back, the Citi Double Cash credit card provides greater freedom than most other options.  The 18-month APR of 0% on balance transfers at a variable APR of 16.24% – 26.24% 

The essentials of Citi Double Cash Credit Card 

– Reward fares: Get 1% cash with every order, plus an extra 1% when you pay your bill.

– APR: Variable 16.24% – 26.24% in purchases

– yearly fee: $0

– Introduction offer: 0% introductory APR on balance transfers for 18 months, then vary from 16.24% to 26.24%. Balance transfers are also charged at a rate of 3%.

The Double Cash Card features the following 

– Unlimited rewards: 2% cash back without class restrictions and no limitations on how much you can win. Redeem your reward with checks, balance or bank account credit.

– Citi Entertainment: Get your ticket purchasing access to events through exclusive pre-sales, including concerts, dinners and sporting events. 

– Citi ID Theft Solutions: Courtesy service to help you recover from fraudulent activity. Citi members can utilize this service for any account, even outside of their Citi cards.

– Lost Wallet Service: This offers 24-hour substitution of your lost credit card, along with the potential to collect emergency cash up to your money advance limit.

– Contactless wallets and digital wallets: Touch your Citi Double Cash Credit Card to payment scanners and use your Digital Wallet to shop online and in online apps. 

The best method for using Citi® Double Cash Credit Card 

You can complete your balance transfer during the first four months following the opening of your Citi Double Cash credit card to enjoy the introductory rate.

Source: CNN

Purchases are not eligible for the 0% APR promotion and accrue interest at a steady rate, but accrue double cash back points, unlike balance transfers.

In order to earn all available reward points, pay at least their minimum amount due each month. 

Making a full payment will activate an additional 1% cash back. If you charge $500 in a month, you will first earn $5 at the time of purchase, then another $5 bonus payment when you pay the balance. Redeem your points with a a minimal of $25 in cash back.

While the credit card does not provide a welcome bonus, you will be saving money every year by not having to pay an additional annual fee. 

In a few words

The Citi Double Cash credit card provides two levels of benefits. Firstly, the introductory competitive period for balance transfers continues longer than the majority of other available credit card options. In conjunction, the cash rewards program has few limitations.

Any purchases made from anywhere with your Citi Double Cash card are eligible and you bypass the limitation once you have reached a certain limit on profits. 

Citi charges a 3% fee on balance transfers and international transactions, and certain card members experience high APRs on recurring purchases. As with every credit card, your particular terms greatly depend on your rating, which makes it critical to revise your options thoroughly. 

Citi’s strong security and fraud prevention features, however, ensure the safety and welfare of all card owners. Whether you’re seeking one of the highest starting balance transfer fees you can earn, or simply looking for easy cash-back rewards from wherever you buy, the Citi Double Cash card will help you accomplish both.

Source: Bestcreditcards

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